Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships bring together employers, workers and job training providers from a single industry sector to collaborate on improving the industry’s competitiveness and address common workforce needs. These partnerships offer access to regional and industry-specific knowledge and training and create professional networks that promote innovation, collaboration, and efficiency.

Information on Philadelphia Works current industry partnerships is below. Please email or call the designated contact for more information if you are seeking workforce talent in the fields of health care, advanced manufacturing, food processing, logistics and transportation, or green energy.

Industry Partnerships Overseen by Philadelphia Works

Southeastern Pennsylvania Workforce Development Partnership for:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Rotorcraft

Learn more about the Partnership here or contact Timothy Smith ( 215-963-2100.

Pennsylvania Partnership for Direct Care Workers (1199C) – Health Care Industry
Susan B. Thomas 215-568-2220 x 5102. (
100 S Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19110

Industry Partnerships Collaborating with Philadelphia Works

Delaware Valley Higher Education Industry Partnership
Contact Timothy Smith ( 215-963-2100

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners
Anna Shipp, ( 215-922-7400
Sustainable Business Network, 1617 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1855, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Southeastern Pennsylvania Health Care Partnership
Timothy Smith ( 215-963-2100

Smart Energy Initiative
Will Williams ( (610) 458-5700

To learn more about how industry partnerships benefit employers and grow the economy, please review the JOIN Return on Investment Report.