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  • Industry Partnerships bring together employers, workers and job training providers from a single industry sector to collaborate on improving the industry’s competitiveness and address common workforce needs. These partnerships offer access to regional and industry-specific knowledge and training and create professional networks that promote innovation, collaboration, and efficiency.
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  • Through a $2.9M grant, Pennsylvania’s Southeast region is positioned to create pre-apprenticeship curricula and expand existing apprenticeships in high growth industries including information technology and behavioral health for youth ages 16-24. This initiative supports creation of a valuable talent pool that serves the needs of employers such as Jarvus and Springboard Media.
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  • Philadelphia Works supports public policies that empower economic growth and workforce development, based on knowledge gained through careful labor market analyses and ongoing partnerships with schools, businesses and community providers. We believe the economic health of the Philadelphia region hinges on building a strong workforce that possesses the skills businesses need to compete locally and...
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