• Offer training and employee development
  • Identify best practices
  • Provide access to recruitment network services across skill levels
  • Offer speaking services and opportunities
  • Develop needs assessments earning plans
  • Provide apprenticeship assistance
  • Supply financial support related to hiring, training and professional advancement
  • Connect prescreened workforce talent to employers


  • Employer led / Employer focused
  • No financial requirement to join
  • Securing funding is simple
    • To support training plans
    • To support hiring
    • To support talent for growth
  • 828 network/partner knowledge sharing
  • Dedicated staff to provide guidance and support of programs and process
  • Range of resources available via a single point person

  Our Difference:

  • Membership offers no risk and significant rewards potential
  • Ablilty to choose your own resource partners
  • Professional training curriculum, vetted by business community
  • Access to reliable talent pools throughout the region
  • We are a viable Manufacturing Alliance in the region for over 11 years
  • Employer led, proactive focus
  • Long history of serving small to large regional manufacturing businesses
  • Shared best practices
  • Seamless integration of programs ranging from talent scouting and onboarding through strategic and succession planning
  • Simple 3-step process to engage (must be a manufacturing company):
    • Contact us
    • Register to assess needs
    • Meet with network affiliates