Provider Operations

The resources and forms below are provided for current Philadelphia Works, Inc. contractors who operate WIOA and EARN programs. For questions, please contact Jamece Joyner, Manager of Cross Center services, at or Patricia Blumenauer, Manager of Integrated Centers,

No Wrong Door Integrated Systems Policy and Procedures
EARN Directives
WIOA Federal, State and Local Policies

NWD Integrated System Policy and Procedure
No Wrong Door Manual
Table of Contents
Tab 1 – Center-Wide Operations
Tab 2 – Universal Services
Tab 3 – WIOA
Tab 4 – EARN(8-12-15)
Tab 4 – EARN Attachments 1-18
Tab 6 – Cross-Center
Tab 7 – Community Engagement and Outreach
Tab 8 – Business Services
Tab 9 – Service Enhancement

Archiving Policy and Procedure
Customer Grievance 
Incident Report Form
Media Release Form
Record Retention
Procurement Policy

EARN Directives
Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS)
EARN Manual
EARN Attachments A-H
Attachment A – Attendance Sheet
Attachment B – Community Service Desk Guide
Attachment C – Community Service Agreement
Attachment D – Community Service Weekly Participation
Attachment E – Confidential Release of Information
Attachment F – Employment Verification Form
Attachment G – Validation or Employment Payment
Attachment H – Excused Absence Log 

WIOA Federal, Local and State Policies
Federal WIOA Policies and Guidance
Pennsylvania WIOA Policies and Guidance
Local Policies
Apprenticeship Policy
Customized Job Training Policy
Eligibility Certification Policy
Incumbent Worker Training Policy
Individualized Training Policy
WIOA On the Job Training Policy
TANF On the Job Training Policy
Paid Work Experience and Internship Policy
Priority Service Policy
Self-Sufficiency Policy
Supportive Services Policy
Transitional Jobs Policy