High Priority Occupations

High Priority Occupations

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Workforce System has established High Priority Occupations (HPOs) where more than $10 million in education and training dollars are targeted for investment in key occupations. These occupations are those in demand by employers, have higher skill needs, and are most likely to provide family-sustaining wages. 

2016 FINAL Lists and Petition Process to Add Occupations 

  • Download the 2016-17 Final Philadelphia HPO list (PDF format) to learn about the wages, number of projected jobs and level of education needed for in-demand occupations in the Philadelphia region.

  • View and download statewide and regional HPO lists (Excel format) from the Commonwealth’s website.


    Employers, workforce, education, training and economic development agencies interested in petitioning for the inclusion of an occupation must complete an application and provide related documents. The occupation must be in demand by employers, and be on a career pathway toward occupations that pay an average annual wage of $32,674.

    Philadelphia Works will accept emergency petitions to add occupations to the list if they are the result of:

    • new economic growth
    • emerging occupations
    • new demand by local industry clusters

    Download these documents to submit a petition and reach out to us so we can provide assistance:

    Process for Petitioning in Philadelphia 

    Petition Form – for New High Priority Occupations in the Philadelphia region

    PA High Priority Occupations Policy 2016

    Completed applications, along with required documentation, should be sent to Meg Shope Koppel via email at mshopekoppel@philaworks.org. A hard copy of materials may also be sent via U.S. mail to:

    Meg Shope Koppel

    Philadelphia Works

    1617 JFK Boulevard, 13th Floor

    Philadelphia, PA 19013