Learn About Job Openings

Nearly 30,000 job openings were advertised in Philadelphia County in December 2015. The number of postings declined by 5 percent compared to November 2015 but was up by 12 percent compared to December 2014. The supply and demand comparing unemployed individuals to total openings was 1.24 unemployed persons per advertised position. The supply and demand was the lowest since the beginning of the series. In December 2015, the number of unemployed individuals was the lowest since December 2007. Since the beginning of the job postings series in 2010, the highest number of postings was registered in August 2012 at 35,336; the lowest number of postings was in December 2011 at 22,720 postings. 

Computer and Mathematical; Management; Healthcare Practitioners; Sales and Related; Business and Financial Operations; and Office and Administrative Support occupations were the most advertised occupational families with over 2,000 postings in each group.  Compared to December 2014, most of the occupational families increased in the volume of postings.  Highest decreases were in Legal (38 percent), Healthcare Support (31 percent) and Food Preparation (24 percent) occupations.

The unadjusted HWOL data series were used in the charts and tables. The count of job postings reported in original series (and not adjusted retrospectively) may vary from the series reported in the Fast Facts publications.