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Manufacturing Industry Partnership

Building Skills, Building Partnerships—Employers Take the Lead
The SERWDP was formed to address the loss of manufacturing jobs due to global competition and rising costs. With nearly 60 companies ranging from 10 to 2,000 employees, this partnership is working to maintain the competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry, focusing on retaining workers and expanding and enhancing business. The partnership develops training programs and focuses on strategic planning, product process and business intelligence. Management training provided by the partnership teaches key decision makers how to gather market intelligence and involve decision makers at all levels in process development. The training also provides information for sales and marketing teams to broaden their scope and target new markets. Nearly 1,500 key decision makers and supervisors in the manufacturing industry have undergone this training. Click here for more info on Manufacturing Industry Partnership…

Philadelphia’s human capital is a key factor in producing jobs; having the right labor force at the right price can mean the difference between growth and contraction for a business—and for our economy.

We are the Philadelphia Business Engagement Network, and in collaboration with our regional partners, we focus on four key strategies to move your business forward.


Our network of business engagement experts help Philadelphia businesses find and secure top talent across all industries.


Retention is a hot topic for Philadelphia businesses as more look for ways to keep their qualified talent and build a great employer brand.


Our training options keep staff productive, contributing to, and advancing, your bottom line.


Philadelphia has more unskilled workers then jobs available making our region susceptible for mismatches in labor supply and demand.

Our industry partnerships within growing and emerging sectors give private employers more control over talent development in building a pipeline of workers as they take the lead in designing their own training regimens.

There are so many aspects of keeping your business growing beyond workforce talent like tax credits, financing and business planning.

This is why our network of experts has their pulse on tools and resources that help businesses compete and thrive.

Recruit. Retain. Grow. Excel.

Connect with Philadelphia Works and our network of business engagement experts. Call the main number: 215-963-2100 to be directed to someone on the Business Engagement Team.

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