Public Policy Initiatives

Workforce development is crucial to our nation’s ability to compete in a global market place and to the economic security of families and local communities. As the region’s governing body, Philadelphia Works sets the strategic direction and policy framework used to address local workforce challenges, while serving as an advocate for the importance of workforce policy and providing perspective about the need for skilled workers.

As thought leaders, we work in partnership with local government, business, education, labor, community-based organizations, nonprofits and other community groups to advocate for and support public policies and legislation that positively impact workforce development and the health of Philadelphia’s economy.

Philadelphia Works’ monitors, analyzes and responds to public policy and legislative initiatives at the federal, state and local level.  We educate the public and our community partners on current workforce development issues, provide expert testimony, and provide data and educational materials for hearings and other public policy forums.

By advocating for our region’s job seekers and employers, Philadelphia Works’ intent is to build a pipeline of qualified, skilled workers that meet the needs of regional employers and contribute to the competitiveness of the region’s economy.

For questions related to our policy work, please contact Natalie Knochenhauer JD, Senior Policy Advisor, at

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

Hiring Returning Citizens

Advocacy and Education