Workforce Development in Philadelphia



SEPMA collaborates with the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) to provide internship opportunities to youth, so they have exposure to manufacturing careers otherwise not generally accessible to the teenage population.

Boot Camps

This training is designed for anyone with a high school diploma or GED who wishes to enter an in-demand, well-paying career in manufacturing. Participants receive a foundation about the manufacturing industry, engage in contextualized learning, become knowledgeable of career pathways, and receive safety training. This training enables the participant to earn an industry-recognized credential while accessing support services, for example, transportation, work attire, and tools, from a career navigator. SEPMA employers are intensely involved in the training by vetting the curriculum, inviting participants on plant tours, participating in employer panels, and interviewing participants for open positions. This is an opportunity for participants to enter a growing industry, which is projected to expand and offers greater opportunities in years to come. Learn more about the Manufacturing Career Accelerator Program (MCAP)

Pre-Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships

Pre-apprenticeship programs lay the foundation for future apprentices by preparing qualified candidates with academic knowledge and skills training tailored to specific jobs and industries while contributing to the development of a diverse and skilled workforce. Each pre-apprenticeship program establishes a connection to an existing apprenticeship program and delivers both hands-on and instructional-based learning through a variety of unique program designs and approaches. Through these programs, pre-apprentices are provided with the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized credential while having access to support services and career counseling. Find out more about Apprenticeship programs here.

Women in Nontraditional Careers (WINC)

Women can receive greater pay, benefits, and job satisfaction in careers that are not traditionally held by females. Manufacturing is just one of many industries that embraces the commitment, creativity, and teamwork exhibited by women. Females who like a challenge, seek diversity, and exhibit innovative and problem-solving skills and who possess traits such as persistence, productivity, and determination will thrive in a non-traditional career. Women in these careers view their jobs as rewarding while earning family-sustaining wages, sometimes more than those who have received 4-year degrees and higher. Find out more about WINC here.