Workforce Development in Philadelphia

For over twelve years, SEPMA’s employer and employee partners have been able to garner benefits for everyone involved.



  • Improved customer service, work safety practices, and productivity
  • Improved business performance, profit, and staff morale
  • Reduced amount of re-work and improved production quality
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Employed a skilled and trained workforce
  • Acquired new production techniques including advanced automation and computer technology


  • Increased Wages
  • Improved knowledge and competitive skills
  • Acquired new skills that increased their contribution to the business
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Received job promotions into other positions
  • Elevated job satisfaction and built company loyalty


  • Acme Corrugated Box
  • Amuneal
  • Brooks Instrument
  • Brown’s Super Stores
  • Cake Life Bake Shop
  • Cardone Industries
  • Carmana Designs
  • Coilplus Inc.
  • Compudata – This may Change
  • Computer Components Corp
  • Crescent Iron Works
  • Datum Storage (formerly Adelphia Steel)
  • Derbyshire Machine & Tool Company
  • Dietz & Watson
  • DiSorb Systems
  • Disston Precisions Inc.
  • EF Precisions
  • Electro Soft Inc.
  • Ehmke Manufacturing Company
  • Empire Abrasive Equipment Company
  • Eˣponent®
  • First Quality Retail Services
  • Global Packaging, Inc.
  • Household Metals Inc.
  • HPT Pharma, LLC
  • Insinger Machine Inc.
  • Irene’s Bakery & Gourmet Kitchen, Inc.
  • J. Roberts Metalworks
  • Lansdale Trucking
  • Lansdale Trucking
  • Leonardo Helicopter formerly AugustaWestland
  • Little Baby’s Ice Cream
  • Monroe Energy, LLC
  • NCC Automated Systems
  • Packaging Progressions Inc
  • Penn Engineering
  • Philly Shipyard, Inc.
  • Piasecki Aircraft Corporation
  • Plastic Manufacturers Inc.
  • Polysciences, Inc.
  • PTR Baler
  • Rhoads Industries
  • Sandmeyer Steel Co.
  • Shoemaker Welding & Machine Inc.
  • Spray Products Corporation
  • Standard Feather Company
  • Tioga Pipe Supply Co.
  • Tottser Tool and Mfg
  • Union Packaging
  • US Axle
  • Veyko
  • Weber Display & Packaging
  • Wickwire Warehouse
  • William J. Labb Sons, Inc.


“Employees who have participated in training (supported by the partnership) have increased job satisfaction, increased motivation and increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain for the employee and the company. It (the training) has also allowed employees to advance to other career opportunities within the company such as CNC, milling and punching work.”

– Frank Cettina, Vice President of Operations, Computer Components Corporation & SEPMA Co-Chair

“I joined the Partnership because I was expecting it to fund training for my company. I have found the Partnership to be an excellent place for networking on various business issues. There is great collaboration among the participants like sharing resumes when there is a major layoff. The life of the Partnership depends upon its manufacturing members and the quality and frequency of their participation.”

– Victoria Myers, Director of Administration, Piasecki Aircraft Corporation & Former SEPMA Co-Chair

“The Partnership has provided an opportunity to have discussions with small family owned businesses or employees who work for small family owned businesses. It has created business opportunities and has allowed us to be comfortable with having casual business discussions with other manufacturing colleagues as opposed to making cold calls.”

– Karla Trotman, Executive Vice President, Electro Soft & SEPMA Co-Chair

“The partnership allowed us to be more proactive. It brings people around the table with a manufacturing background. Some of them have been implementing these best practices. Being at the table, we all can share in that knowledge and grow from it.”

– Janice Gerold, HR Senior Manager, Leonardo, formerly Agusta Westland Helicopters

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