Amity Care

Amity Care actively recruits, screens and hires their talent from the public workforce system. To date, Amity Care has hired 17 individuals to participate in on-the-job training funded by Philadelphia Works. These participants have been given an opportunity to advance on a rewarding career pathway and are receiving self-sustaining wages while providing care and compassion to adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This program has benefited not only the residents of Amity Care, but continues to benefit the career seekers in Philadelphia with little or no experience in this field and offer them training from the ground level so they

PTR Baler and Compactor

PTR Baler and Compactor is a Port Richmond-based manufacturer for high-volume recycling and waste removal needs. Founded in 1907, PTR has been hiring Philadelphia welders, engineers, technicians and other skilled workers for over a century. Recently, PTR has partnered with Philadelphia Works, the School District of Philadelphia and the Southeast Regional Workforce Development Industry Partnership to hire and train their own employees: identifying talented workers and committing to training them in the skills they need.  In 2015 nearly every worker that has completed the training program is still working for PTR today. For PTR, this approach has been a huge

Annette Riggs

Ms. Riggs is a participant of the PA CareerLink® Suburban Station center and successfully availed herself of many of the services offered. As a frequent visitor to the center she attended workshops or worked independently on her job search. As of September 18, 2015, she successfully obtained sustainable employment with the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-service Center, as an Employment Specialist in the VMC. Through staff referrals and followup, this once homeless veteran has found safe, suitable housing; emotional and physical support; and a self sustaining job in a career she finds highly rewarding.

Arelis Nunez

Ms. Nunez is is from Dominican Republic where she worked as a hospital nurse. She was looking for employment for over a year. “When I came to the Suburban Station CareerLink I felt something different here. I met with Diane Gonzalez for my one-on-one. She gave a lot of help and suggestions. She told me how the employers look for certain words in your resume and she suggested workshops for me to attend. I attended the computer workshop, resume workshop, and dress for success. In the interview workshop I learned what to do in an interview and how to handle

Huzen Matar

Career Link Services Used: Ms. Matar worked as an intern completing Job Development activities and applied for the Receptionist that was opening at the Center. She stated to prepare, she learned more about the program and how to answer questions and better assist the customers.  She stated that the best thing she did was utilize all the services that were available to learn about the program and the position.  She was hired and loves providing customer services to others. What would you like to share about your training and/or employment success?  Ms. Matar stated the best advice she could give

Michael Steele

Mr. Steele heard about PA CareerLink and decided to utilize it as one way to find employment. He was open to all possibilities, as he faced challenges to achieving employment. Mr. Steele met with the Universal Team at Suburban Station and took note of all the services available: workshops, recruitments, information sessions, and resume revival. After his successful meeting with Sam Cole, Mr. Steele saw on the calendar that Citizens Bank was conducting interviews on-site on June 10. He took a chance and walked in prepared with his resume, best suit, and polished demeanor. He stood up, introduced himself, extended

Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline Robinson is a PA CareerLink® participant about to embark on an exciting new job within Philadelphia after working a prior job for over 25 years. She states “When that job ended, I was not prepared for the journey I was about to begin.” After 7 months of independent job searching, Ms. Robinson engaged with the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging and was assigned to the Suburban Station PA CareerLink® to enhance her administrative and customer service skills. She began utilizing the PA CareerLink® system in July 2015.  She took advantage of Job Gateway, Resume Builder, and various

Gloria Williams

Gloria Williams, a participant at the PA CareerLink® Suburban Station, came to the center with a great positive attitude. She attended the CWE (Community Work Education) class and discussed the policies and process for interning and possible hiring at The Wedge Medical Center. This site works with individuals in drug and alcohol treatment, required full time hours and would complete a full assessment on abilities before discussing permanent employment. Ms. Williams was interested and waited patiently for a call back to interview for the internship. Every day, Ms. Williams came to the CareerLink®, dressed professionally, attending workshops and following up

Antoinette Green

Antoinette has dedicated her time in providing Community Service to our participants, assisting different programs in order to enhance her skills and hopefully, using the training to land her dream job. She has worked with participants, helping them improve their computer skills, develop resumes and counsel them.  Antoinette’s dedication has proven that when you have a goal and work towards it, the end result is success.

Shaunte Collins

“I enrolled in the EARN center in October, 2014. Every day, I came on time and put my all into everything. The EARN center helped rejuvenate me. I began applying for the case management jobs and went on numerous interviews. As a result, on November 17, I will be an Employment Advisor with EDSI. Through my trials and tribulations, I remained humble. I set an attainable goal of gaining employment, and while I got discouraged at times, I did not quit. I plan on using my skills to empower clients to apply themselves and be their best. Thank you to

Monique Webb

Monique is employed at Sunrise Senior Living. She obtained a position as a temporary housekeeper through the Earn Center managed by Career Team. After three months in the role, she was offered a full-time position with Sunrise Senior Living. Shortly after her full-time offer, Ms. Webb was awarded Employee of the Month. Ms. Webb has received two incentives from PA CareerLink Suburban Station for submitting paystubs on time and working at least 100 hours a month. Ms. Webb is an exceptional worker and has been recognized by her employer for always going above and beyond. She ROCKS!