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Read inspiring stories of women who dared to be different.

Stephanie works in a nontraditional career in Philadelphia

As a woman in the manufacturing industry, I am inspired by other women leading the way, whether working as a team to put products together or to get the product shipped to the customer.

Stephanie Cortes, Electromechanical and Cable Assembler

Vanessa is a skilled construction worker, read her success story!

I like being outside and working with my hands, and if I feel good doing it, then why should I be limited if I’m a woman? Why shouldn’t I be making the big bucks, having health insurance, and double pension and annuity with the union? Why should I stay making $12 an hour doing something I’m not really happy at when I want a well-paying career that offers me a good future?

Vanessa Casillas, Bricklayer

Tamara is a woman working in a nontraditional career!

When I first began my apprenticeship, I found out I was pregnant. This is now my fourth year in the trades and the benefits and money coming in really help because now I’m a single mother. I have pride in what I do and I hope that eventually my son will say “yeah, my mom does that” and have pride in me as well. Nothing is impossible with the right motivation and determinations. – Tamara McCoullough, sheet metal worker

Tamara McCoullough, sheet metal worker

Anne is a woman working in a nontraditional career

I grew up with the perception that smart people went to college and the trades were for dummies. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I know real geniuses who are pipefitters. There is a place for everyone in the trades. A college education is not necessary, but the smarter and better educated you are, the farther you’ll go.

Anne Kahle, pipefitter