High Priority Occupations

High Priority Occupations

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Workforce System has established High Priority Occupations (HPOs) where more than $10 million in education and training dollars are targeted for investment in key occupations. These occupations are those in demand by employers, have higher skill needs, and are most likely to provide family-sustaining wages.

2018 – 2019 Draft Philadelphia High Priority Occupation List

Philadelphia Works is accepting petitions on the 2018 Draft High Priority Occupations (HPO) list released by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry on April 2, 2018. Please note that this year the final list will be released and become effective August 1, 2018 rather than September 1st to better align with educational and training programs.

The 2018 Draft HPO list is identical to the final 2017 HPO list. We encourage those who wish to submit a petition to reach out to Philadelphia Works mshopekoppel@philaworks.org soon so we might support your petition process. Petitions are due to Philadelphia Works by May 21, 2018.

Philadelphia 2018 draft Local HPO list:

2018 draft Philadelphia WDA HPO list

2018 HPO Methodology – explains what makes occupations eligible as an HPO

HPO Methodology

HPO Petition Form – please complete this if you choose to petition. Sample letters of support are below:

2018 HPO Petition Form

Sample Employer Demand letter

Sample Career Pathway letter

Sample Sector Partnership letter

For educational programs with Classification of Instructional Programs Codes (CIP), the PA CIP SOC Crosswalk provides the alignment of instruction to occupations listed as Standard Occupational Codes (SOC):


For more information visit: http://www.workstats.dli.pa.gov/Products/HPOs/Pages/default.aspx.

2017 – 2018 Philadelphia High Priority Occupation List

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry released the 2017 High Priority Occupation Lists for workforce development areas.  These are valid from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.

The Philadelphia County 2017 HPO list has 83 occupations to align with training:

2017-18 FINAL Philadelphia County HPO list

The Center for Workforce Information and Analysis posts information on HPO lists for all workforce development areas in Pennsylvania.

Statewide and regional HPO lists