Hiring Trends

Real time data allow us to explore activity in the labor market as close to real time as possible and keep track of hiring trends in Philadelphia. Traditional government data sources can lag by 6 months or more. Here we present our research on the job openings data and the new hires data.

Job Openings Data

Online job openings data are one of our real time data tools. An innovative job-spidering technology is used to gather job postings from a number of job boards and corporate sites that cover web-based job advertisements. These data do not represent a complete picture of job opportunities available in our local area; some occupations are not customarily listed on the web and may be filled through other sources, such as labor unions and apprenticeship programs. Despite our effort to remove identical postings listed on more than one source, the possibility remains that some postings are duplicative. Geographic Solutions Spidered Job Openings data are available through the partnership with Center for Workforce Information & Analysis and replicate job openings available to users of the CWIA website. Many recruitment managers are now using tests as found at https://www.berkeassessment.com/solutions in order to check how well applicants might fit into an office based team and I imagine that more will be developed in the near future.

Access Current Job Openings Data for Philadelphia

For more information about the real time labor market information please follow the link to the Data Request page.

New Hires Data

The new hires data identify industries hiring workers who live in Philadelphia. They reveal emerging and declining industries by comparing hiring volume to the previous year. These data are updated quarterly.

Access Current New Hires Data